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Physician Financial Solutions

A Trusted Partner

Coble Cravens is a proud member of the Physicians Financial Partners program, having undergone a comprehensive due-diligence process by AMA Insurance which has been serving physicians since 1988. Through the AMA Insurance 's Physicians Financial Partners program, we have access to unique financial products, many with physician-specific benefits.

These are just some of the insurance and financial solutions we have specifically tailored for physicians and their families.

Disability Insurance

As a physician, you understand the true cost of becoming disabled. Health insurance can't solve every problem, like when a medical condition keeps you from practicing. Protect your future with disability insurance customized for physicians.

Life Insurance

Wherever you are in your medical career–medical school, residency, practicing or looking ahead to retirement, we offer an exclusive portfolio of life insurance plans with benefits and rates exclusively tailored to physicians.

Office Overhead Expense

If a disabling injury or illness temporarily stopped your practice and your income, how would your office keep running?

Physician Financial Strategies

Solutions for physicians at every life stage - from medical school and residency to established physicians and retirement.

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