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Your full-service human resources partner

For some companies, outsourcing various administrative and human resources tasks may be more efficient than handling them in-house, or may even be necessary due to a lack of time, resources or expertise. Consider the advantages of having Coble Cravens Payroll and HR Services handle your important employment-related tasks.




Make paydays easy

 Reduce costs and risks

Increase transparency

40% of owners say bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business and many spend over 100 hours a year on payroll and tax preparation.*
* “A look at accounting & taxes 2015”

Complex tax codes and changing requirements can lead to costly errors. According to the IRS, 40% of businesses pay an average of $845 in penalties a year for late or incorrect filings.

Our services include direct deposit with detailed pay stubs, so you can see voluntary deduction calculations and have online access to current and historical pay periods

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  • Common and Costly Employee Benefits & HR Mistakes – mistakes in human resources and employee benefits can be costly for employers. This article explains how certain benefits, complaints and lawsuits can lead to government-assessed fines and penalties and attorney fees. 

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