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***Special notice for New York State Residents   NY Extends Grace Periods if COVID-19 Pandemic Creates Financial Hardship


November’s presidential election is right around the corner. What will the election mean for investing and, more importantly, your portfolio?

Election Updates

Trump vs. Biden: Do Markets Care Who Wins?
Election 2020: Economic Issues in the Crosshairs
Election 2020: Don’t Vote with Your Portfolio  
Will Political Changes Affect the Economy

Personal Finance and Wealth Management

As we anticipate continued short-term volatility, we advise you to remain focused on your long-term goals and ensure your investments are diversified to avoid having too much risk exposure to any one asset class or security. Our team of investment professionals are working relentlessly for our investment clients, monitoring both news about the virus and the market implications of the economic data. We will keep you informed with regular market updates. 

Whether it is discussing your portfolio, planning for your family's future or reviewing your insurance needs we can help.

Latest Information

What's driving current market behavior?
Social distancing recovery dashboard (updated weekly)
Protecting your finances during the coronavirus pandemic

Market and Investment Updates

Longest Expansion, Followed by the Shortest Recession?
Three Predictions for 2020 Remain Intact


Given the complexities of the CARES Act, it is a great time to discuss any questions with your financial advisor and learn how your taxes and retirement situation might be impacted by the relief effort, tax bills and overall economic conditions.

Blog Updates

Business Management

Navigating the uncertainty ahead can feel like a formidable challenge. Add to that the demands of running a small business in an environment when there doesn’t always seem to be a clear path or answers to the situations and questions you face, and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

Please remember that we are always here to help, even if just as a sounding board, from one small-business owner to another.

Area where we can help

  • Manage expenses and create an interim plan to better protect you and your employees

  • Identify and manage business and personal risk exposure

  • Coordinate among CPAs, attorneys and other advisors

  • Develop comprehensive business continuity and succession plans

  • Recommend and implement customized investment, insurance, estate, and retirement planning strategies


Resources for Business Owners

  • Small Business Resources During COVID-19 - the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce has compiled a comprehensive list of resources related to the emergency legislation that provides relief to small businesses

Additional Resources

<p>Lesser Known Provisions of the SECURE Act</p>

Lesser Known Provisions of the SECURE Act

Learn about clauses in the SECURE Act that affect 401Ks, students, and families.
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The CARES Act has far-reaching implications for many. Here are the most important provisions to keep in mind.

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<p>A Decision Not Made Is Still a Decision</p>

A Decision Not Made Is Still a Decision

Investors who put off important investment decisions may face potential consequence to their future financial security.
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