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Commentary | 8.2.23 | Fitch Downgrades U.S. Debt

August 02, 2023

On August 2, Fitch Ratings downgraded U.S. debt, sending bond yields higher and equities lower. Though timing is a bit strange, this downgrade now adds another concern for investors, adding to elevated valuations, economic uncertainty, and a potential Federal Reserve policy mistake. While the news of the downgrade is concerning, we have 2011 as a
guide, as this isn’t the first credit rating agency to downgrade the United States. Based on the last downgrade, we expect this new downgrade will likely increase market volatility. However, better- than- expected second- quarter corporate earnings and a resilient U.S. economy will likely offer some type of downside protection.

We think a recession is still possible over the next 12 months, but we think it could be a mild recession. A strong labor market and service economy could hold up the economy as companies adjust to higher interest rates. Markets could be volatile; however, we do expect market fluctuations. 

To read Cetera Investment Management's latest commentary in detail on the topic, click the link below.



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