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A Letter to our Clients

April 01, 2020

Dear Clients,

We know when there is global panic, it spills into our community, affecting our families and day-to-day routines, and can cause great concern. Understandably, we expect that many of you are nervous about these current events as well as your investments.

Today, we have several unknowns. Financial markets hate unknowns. While none of us has control over them, we can and should control how we respond to them. History has taught us that sometimes, not reacting may be the most prudent reaction.

The last thing we want is for a plan to be derailed by reacting to short term unknowns. Are our portfolios worth less today than a month ago when they reached a record high? Yes. Are the businesses you own in your portfolio now worthless? No. Will they be? Speaking broadly, that is highly unlikely. Think of the companies you do business with throughout your day. They are the types of businesses we own in our portfolios.

The current market environment also underlines the importance of the time-tested strategy that we follow – having a diversified and well-balanced investment portfolio and limiting exposure to any one asset class or security. Know that our investment team meets daily to discuss key economic data and developments and analyze how to best position our portfolios.

It is difficult to worry about the markets because we can’t control those. What we do worry about is how our friends, family and clients are feeling. I hope that by reaching out to you, I help you understand that the best way to react to something you can’t control is to not react at all. By keeping your plan intact now, we will be closer to your investment goals sooner.


Please call us with any of your questions and concerns and know that we are always here for you.